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Museum Project Management and Event Professional

I am your museum Swiss Army Knife. I have over eighteen years of experience in numerous fast-paced positions with high-performance outcomes. I excel in planning, executing, and navigating diverse relationships to produce products that create exciting and memorable experiences. As a Type A extrovert, I thrive in team-oriented work environments where creativity and passion guide our work.

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Collections Work

My time working in a teaching collection led to a passion for bringing museum collections out of the storerooms and into public spaces.  Whether for special events, field trips, or enhancing temporary exhibitions; these 35,000+ collections create a deeper and more meaningful experience for all who interact with them.


There's more to it than finding an object on the shelf. When an educator or staff member comes to you with a topic, a good education collections manager knows how all the sciences can overlap to discuss one topic.  For example, talking about theropod dinosaurs can mean not only the use of vertebrate fossil collections but modern bird  (wings, feet, skeletal structures) collections as well.   These touchable collections help create a much stronger connection to the science and the museum than a simple lecture ever could. In this position, I used these collections to support 4,000+ programs annually.

I've represented and marketed events ranging from research and print, to live television broadcasts. Local, national, and international audiences help to promote your institution and its impact on your community.

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Exhibits come in all sizes.   From large blockbuster exhibits to individual pieces, each offers unique challenges and opportunities. When a special object or specimen (separate from a full exhibition) is temporarily installed a collections manager will often assist in the care of that object for the duration of its stay.


The photo to the right is the full-size model of the Mars Exploration Rover  (commonly referred to as Spirit or Opportunity) as it is being installed for a short exhibit. It is not ready just yet.  Its mast has not been moved into position and barriers are not in place.  


Museum special events can offer a striking venue but knowing how to activate the space and engage guests often requires experience working with and in museums. I can bring that knowledge and experience with me as we work to make your event stand above the rest. 


The photo to the left is from a large donor event whose theme was centered around the temporary exhibit, Sherlock Holmes.  This is a cabinet of curiosities.  We loaded items that make you look just a little bit closer and ask "What is that?". Authentic elements like these can help make your event shine. 


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