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I excel in planning, promoting, and executing events large or small.  Whether it be a small group tour, a table at a special event, or a large community event...I've done them all. Working with other departments, external vendors and groups, or outside media needs requires an extrovert who is highly organized and understands how the team can bring a successful event to life. 

I am particularly proud of events like Girls & Science.  This one-day, annual event to encourage girls to stay curious about STEAM careers has drawn as many as 12,000 girls and their families.  

But small events are just as important as the mega events. Small events allow for one-on-one interactions.  Those small moments with students can foster a lifelong love of learning and science, and make connections to adults who turned their passions into a career.  As well as discover new allies in potential members and donors, giving them the opportunity to see the benefits of their support. 

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